“Our mission is to maintain a high standard of excellence by providing our customers with solutions to all their Insurance and Financial needs thus enabling them to achieve financial success.”

Sylvain Brazeau

Sylvain Brazeau, Owner
(705) 759-9191 ext. 102

Proper financial planning is an important decision; one that requires a lot of thought and care. North Star Brokers offers outstanding service and professional advice. By identifying your financial and insurance needs, we can establish a solid personalized plan that will ensure your future financial stability.

Working with some of the largest companies in the world, we can offer the best insurance and financial coverage at the best price.

Our professional brokers would be happy to help design the financial future you want and the peace of mind you need. Please feel free to contact anyone of them for personal, caring and professional advice regarding your financial and insurance needs.

Best of 2016

Josie Pateman

.Josie Pateman
.Office Manager
.(705) 759-9191 ext. 101
Dave Mercier .David Mercier, CAIB
.Personal Lines Manager
.(705) 759-9191 ext. 111
Nicole Mitchell Nicole Mitchell, CAIB
Commercial Lines Manager
(705) 759-9191 ext. 117
Debbie Adams Debbie Adams
Insurance Consultant
(705) 759-9191 ext. 113
Beth Azzopardi

Beth Azzopardi, CAIB
Account Executive
(705) 759-9191 ext. 119

Ashley Carroll

Ashley Carroll
Techincal Support Representative
(705) 759-9191 ext. 121

Jamie Errington Jamie Errington
Account Executive
(705) 759-9191 ext. 110
Paul Higaki Paul Higaki
Insurance Consultant
(705) 759-9191 ext. 109
Ron Lamon

Ron Lamon
Account Executive
(705) 759-9191 ext. 121

Janice Maki

Janice Maki
Financial Advisor
(705) 759-9191 ext. 104

Claude Paquin Claude Paquin
Account Executive
(705) 759-9191 ext. 103
Anita Pollard Anita Pollard
.Insurance Consultant
.(705) 759-9191 ext. 112
North Star Brokers Trevor Phillips
Financial/Investment Advisor
(705) 759-9191 ext. 114
North Star Brokers

Carole-Ann Cuglietta
Customer Service Representative
(705) 759-9191

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